Living Tangerine vs. The Path of MOST resistance

25 Nov

OK! Enough already! What is going on?

Along with many other young people my age, I was depressed to see that in my credit cards were sitting at -$2000.00, my additional bills were equaling nearly $500.0o a month (dental, phone, etc.) and I was spending nearly $1000.00 a MONTH on shit I don’t need (lunches, expensive coffee, cameras, gadgets, etc.) So, enough.

I think many of you have found yourself in this predicament. You’re so attached to the life of least resistance. Commercials tell us to eat out more often, sexy vodka commercials tell us to party more often, sleek tech commercials persuade us to purchase things that will give us status and make our friends jealous of us.

Tuesday I went out and I purchased this:

Gorgeous, isn’t she? She’s top of the line! the next generation in Canon’s PowerShot collection. I was tired of being forced to stick to HD video on my Sanyo Xacti, and have to live with shitty photo quality, so I spoiled myself and gave myself a year to pay off the little beaut in a timely fashion. November 20th, next year this payment will come due, and I would have spent $429.00 taking pictures of family and friends and other loved ones while trying to remain out of photographs as much as humanly possible.

But than I got all my bills in the mail. $106.86 on my cell phone bill this month, because I’m addicted to talking to my boyfriend in LA on the telephone after work. Also, for someone who was supposed to have quit smoking, I sure have been doing a shitty job of it, spending at least $20.00/week on packs. I’ve been out drinking, paying for dinners, and essentially watching my money swirl down the metaphorical drain.

Well! NO MORE.

A huge part of this occasional blog has been about doing the things that I find difficult to do, not because I want to, but because they need doing. I think they call it “self-discipline”, but I might be wrong. Truth of the matter is, I have absolutely NO willpower

Ziltch. Nada. Nine. ZERO!

Now, as you’ve probably concluded, I’m not a dumb girl. Quite the opposite – I consider myself to be quite bright. So, why is it exactly that I can’t seem to buckle down and pull through on this whole “disciplining myself” thing?

When and how did my life become about over-indulgence? That’s not the path I wanted to travel down, but here I am, spending 110% of my income (and then some) every single month. I eat what I want, I drive where I want, I do what I want, and never spend any time on anything that NEEDS doing.

Something MUST be done.

So, although I simply do not have the heart to return my beautiful, recently purchased camera, I am going to use it to help me out. In addition to helping myself, I’m going to be giving you a little something more to look forward to. I VOW, by the end of this year (December 31st, 2010) to have ALL of my debt paid off, all of my bills paid, savings for my boyfriend’s impending trip (December 27th), eat out less than twice a week, and get myself to the gym 5+ times over the course of 7 days. And all of you will come along for the journey.

This will not be easy. In a world where everyone tells you to spend your hard earned money, and indeed when a lot of our social system depends on it, I will spend no more than $50.00 a week, which is far more than what 90% of the world lives on. Hopefully, I will lend you an example to follow.

The cost of living tangerine? only $7.14 a day.

Wish me luck and I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

On the agenda? Getting the BestBuy monkey off my back. Stay Tuned!


One Response to “Living Tangerine vs. The Path of MOST resistance”

  1. June November 25, 2010 at 4:40 PM #

    good luck Chantalle!

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