Living Tangerine vs. Realistic Expectations

26 Nov

Ok, so right off the bat, I need to make a few things clear.

I don’t have to pay for gas. You don’t need to know how, but fuel for my car is not something I need to worry about. I get one free tank per week. I normally fill up on Thursdays otherwise this: 

Would have been twice as depressing. Nearly a week’s worth of spending done in about 2 minutes. Not exactly the best news when you only have $50 to spend each week.

Then it kind of hit me. I don’t live in a world that will accept this. Do I need a grande bold from Starbucks everyday? No! but I do need to spend money on other things that are required, like oil changes, or a present for my little sister’s birthday.

Case and point, I realized that this $50 a week thing isn’t going to fly. But, it’s time that I start being really smart with the way I spend my money.

Today, while my cousin Sully and I were waiting in line at BestBuy to talk to customer service, her boyfriend Joe gave me some good advice for my credit card bills.

“If you have the money, pay off what you can, otherwise just pay it off slowly so you don’t overwhelm yourself.”

And I recollect my friend Nicole telling me something along the same lines a while back. No one is going to burn me at the stake if I don’t pay it off by the end of the year. Sure it’s just more money hanging over my head, but if I take my time and pay it off, I’ll be able to save a bit more too instead of going on this roller-coaster ride with paying things off, and spending like mad.

In short, I’ve decided not to stress myself out so much. I’ll pay off the credit card in the next few months, whilst I pay off my other bills and manage my spending with some intelligence. I also came up with a great idea!

BEHOLD! The Eric Fund! Now accepting donations (^_~! kidding!). I’ve set up this little beauty with an idea in mind. Now, I know that usually if I carry around cash, I don’t spend as much as if I was just using my credit card. So, I will take out $100.00 spending money a week, and at the end of each day, I will take anything lower than a five, and dump it in here!

Leisurely I’ve been throwing change in there for the last couple weeks, and I’ve already collected $35.75! If I keep it up, maybe I’ll have another $100.00 or so saved up by the time Eric’s visit swings around!

So, things went well today. I had plans with my cousin Mike, though they fell through. He said he’d get a hold of me next week, but I won’t hold my breath. He’s a busy guy. Spending time with Sully and Joe really made me feel better.

Additionally, the weather is REALLY beginning to get to me, and it’s not even december yet!

Look at this! I took this at 4:38PM and it was already getting so dark! Ugh, I don’t know how I’m going to make it to March in this fucking weather. Maybe I should be spending more time at the gym to keep my spirits up.


One Response to “Living Tangerine vs. Realistic Expectations”

  1. June November 26, 2010 at 8:36 PM #

    I also suffer from SAD…getting through the winter is tough, however the whiteness of the snow here helps. You might consider getting yourself a day lamp, it should help. And definitely the gym will.
    Good luck!

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