The Adventure Begins!

4 Apr

Well, that was interesting! Twelve hours and over a thousand kilometers later and I’m in Iowa City, Iowa. Seeing as we never really hear a lot about the “heartland” states, let me tell you a little bit about my journey already.

I launched out of my home in Brampton at about twenty to eight this morning and took off down the 401 toward London. Getting to Sarnia didn’t take as long as I expected. by 10:30 I was there. But then, as with any trip to the United States there was the pleasure of being questioned by Boarder Security. When I got in line, I noticed immediately that my line was moving slower than the others. You know what that means?

We were going to have problems.

I will never forget Agent Vasquez, mostly because I thought it was pretty Ironic that a guy with a thick Mexican accent was grilling me about entering the country. I will say this though, I’m VERY thankful I got that letter from Steve, stating that he knew when I would be returning to Canada. It SAVED my ASS! He didn’t seem really happy that I didn’t have any hotel reservations. After unzipping (and not re-zipping… asshole) my luggage, I was allowed to proceed, and there I was, in Michigan.

Now, seeing as I’m someone who greatly appreciates a nice drive through the country, I will admit that today wasn’t exactly the best day to drive. The majority of the time it was overcast, and at some points, even raining. That being said, Michigan and Illinois are not exactly the most scenic states. Michigan is very industrial (I drove through Flint Michigan, and let me tell you, if you think Buffalo is “America’s Asshole”, think again), and Illinois is very, very, VERY flat.

Now, you’d think Iowa would be too, and it is. But rest your eyes on this nifty shot.

Now, Maybe it was the mood lighting, maybe it was the fact that for the first time all day that I had seen sunshine, but I remember my mother telling me once that when she saw the sunshine filter through the clouds like this at the end of a long day, she felt like it was her father Guy trying to tell her something. She also listed the Supertramp song, “Oh Lord, is it mine” as the soundtrack to moments like this.

It was so beautiful, it rekindled a lovely memory, and it reminded me that coming to peace with things was what this trip was all about. I love Iowa. It’s peaceful and lovely here… and so far, I don’t feel nervous about having my car parked outside.


Day two is tomorrow, and I’ll be leaving here at 8A.M bound for Denver Colorado! Here’s today’s video blog.


One Response to “The Adventure Begins!”

  1. alefalardeau April 5, 2011 at 10:57 PM #

    Hey!!! great video! boring flat drive! haha
    by the way! u had the same problem when i went to las vegas! mr crisostomo didnt want to let me go to “his” country!
    drive safe!

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