The City

29 Apr

In my heart there is a city

some glowing, spanning metropolis

that beams through the darkness

to shatter the clouds above the earth

and move beyond them, as a sieve

harvesting the emitted rays.

And in the streets the cars streak by

horns blaring with impatience

yellow cabs that are more mighty

steed then heavy, maniacal machinery

and they carry their flesh and blood

cargo to the edges of suburbia.

And as the world spins it passes in

a blur of shattered voices in electric light

I fear as I watch it all pass that I may

never have enough time to capture the

beauty locked within it; that no one,

save for myself, can actually see.

In my heart there is a city

that rages with my unyielding complexity

and is closed away, alive and solitary

it runs the business of my soul

and the commerce of my spirit

it is the raving core of my aspects

it is the city, and it is me.


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