Oh, What is There Left to do But Hope and Pray?

12 Sep

Fuck Cancer.

I look out in to the world, and I see so many things. I see happiness and beauty. I see love and hope. But there so many other things like pain, suffering, loss…

I think that if one day, God came down to all of us, and said “Tell me one good reason why I shouldn’t wipe you out, all your hungry, and your disease and start from scratch all over again… I would tell him to look into the most beautiful parts of humanity. Look to our compassion, and our hope to make things better. These are never things you will see on a large scale, but only things you will see in the hearts of each person. These are little things, that you will not hear in the voice of politicians, or in the plight of the economies of countries. These are the things you hear in prayer.

I pray, not to God but to all of us that we might find happiness among the pain, and hope among the hopelessness. In times like these, what is there left to do but pray.


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