“Living in Tangerine” is a lifestyle propagated by Chantalle, the author of this fabulous blog.  It is in reference to living a life that incorporates health, social activities, nature, beauty, art, creativity, and wonder while acknowledging the little bumps in the road.  In essence learning not just to take the good with the bad, but learning to embrace the little rough spots known as life.

Tangerine – tnj-rn (n.): The tangerine  is an orange-coloured citrus fruit. It is a variety of the Mandarin orange (Citrus reticulata). Tangerines are smaller than most oranges, and the skin of some varieties will peel off more easily. The taste is often less sour, or tart, than that of an orange.

Life, like a tangerine is mostly sweet, with a little bit of sour. It’s bright and sunny, but like peeling a tangerine, sometimes happiness can seem like it’s not worth the effort. Also, it’s small: a reminder of how short life can be.

To say you’re “Living Tangerine” means that you’re accepting life for what it is: hard, sweet, colourful, ripe, pitted, and beautiful. But this is just my story. What kind of life do you live?


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