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New Look, New Ideas, New Life into a Fairly Old Blog

12 Jun

As some of you know, I’ve had this blog for a pretty long time. Probably going on about a year, and aside from my occasional travel posts, I’ve never done very much with it, seeing as I never felt as though I had a very eventful life.

Well, as some of you might have been able to tell, that’s changing.

My close friends and family have been keeping tabs on me, and have been pushing me to stay creative as I carve out a new life for myself. Some of you might know that after my mother passed, I quit the job I had been working on and off for nearly ten years. I emerged feeling a little like Brooks Hatlen from The Shawshank Redemption. I felt defined by the job I had, and needed to reclaim my identity.

Road Trips are wonderful things. While I will probably never tell another living soul about some of the conversations I had with my inner self on that trip, I will say that it really brought me back to life, and helped me to reconnect with the kind of person I’ve become. I like the person I’ve become, and there’s a lot more to me than travel and adventures.

So! the face of this blog (if you haven’t already noticed), has changed quite a bit. The name and layout have changed, but its content will too. I plan on including a lot more of my interests and personal experience in this blog, and who knows, I might even dabble a little bit in video blogging.

In the near future, I hope that you’ll take a look at the book, movie, and comic book reviews I’ll be writing, along with travel/adventure updates, personal improvement updates, and general points of interest. It’s my hope that over the next couple months, I can really get the ball rolling on this thing.

Thanks for your patience. Hopefully I’ll have some great stuff up very soon.


Living Tangerine

13 Aug

Life is pretty awesome.

Think of your life. Now assign a colour to your life. Cynical people refuse to do this… They maintain that life is more like a rainbow than an actual colour. But if you think on it hard enough you can assign a colour not only to the events that occur within your life, but also in the way you respond and react to these events.

Now you can live in whatever colour you like. A colour is not an important as its connotation, and different colours have different meanings, they symbolize different things to different people. What “red” means to you, might be completely different to someone else. After all, at various points in history red had symbolized: love, blood, the AIDS epidemic, passion, fire, rage, Catholicism, Communism… and these are only a few.  But where as you might equate the colour red with love and romance, and view yourself to be a romantic, someone else may view the colour with negative connotations. But what it means to you is the most important aspect of tying your life to it.

At this point you’ve gathered that when someone asks me what my favourite colour is… it’s not a question I take lightly.

Now, I don’t particularly like the colour “tangerine” aesthetically. It’s a loud, somewhat obtrusive colour, with little use in logical design. And, I don’t particularly like eating tangerines. They’re far from my favourite fruit. However, I love the ideas behind the colour and the fruit when I apply them to life. Life is frustrating, much like peeling the fruit, but it is also intoxicating, and sweet, and filled with “pits” and tough bits. It’s guarded and it’s small, and short lived. It’s beautiful, and cute, and pretty… and generally lovely.

I may not embody the idea of this wonderful little fruit, but I have the depth to see it for more than what it is: more than the sum of its parts. I see as it something to strive towards. Tangerine is the colour of positivity, happiness, excitement, and childishness. It’s the odd crayon in the box. It is not without the reminder of responsibility and obligation.

The pits, membrane and skin of a tangerine are reminders of the sour parts of life that make the sweet parts worth the effort.

Moving out of black and toward something brighter and better, is the practice of “living tangerine”. This is just my journey.